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Story With Cordyceps (KeedaJadi)

Since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, many people have found their immunity levels severely compromised. At Our Lab, we wanted to find a solution for this and came across Cordyceps Militaris - Keedajadi. This natural remedy has been known to treat coughs, high cholesterol, brain tumours, sexual disorder and irregular heartbeats as well as unwanted weight loss.

Why Keedajadi is best superfood?

People from all around have now heard about the amazing benefits of using Keedajadi for their health issues. Not only does it provide reliable results but also helps boost one's overall wellbeing too! If you're also facing any problem with your health, please reach out to us for Cordyceps Militaris - Keedajadi as it could work wonders!

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Cordyceps For Autoimmune Disease

Recent studies have revealed that powdered Cordyceps mushrooms are showing great promise in managing autoimmune inflammatory diseases like lupus, chronic hepatitis, chronic kidney disease and diabetes. Specifically, Cordyceps appears to help mediate the body's inflammatory response, providing a potential natural alternative to heavy medications without the overwhelming side effects.

Taking 1-2 grams of cordyceps mushroom (Keeda Jadi) daily for up to one year is generally considered safe and can provide potential long-term health benefits.