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Cordyceps Militaris Cultivation Training Program

Hey mushroom lovers! Welcome to Petox Food


In the last few years, we have perfected the most effective way of Cordyceps Militaris Cultivation and are excited to share our new techniques with farmers and anyone wanting to get involved. Our hope is that this training program will help contribute to a brighter future in agriculture within India.


We are here to offer a comprehensive training course that takes you through all the steps of this cultivation process.


We're thrilled to present an online training course that covers all aspects of growing, harvesting, marketing, storage and more. 


Plus, you'll also get the chance to visit our lab and get some hands-on experience at our facility in Rajkot. So what are you waiting for?


So don't delay - join us for this unique journey into Cordyceps militaris cultivation!


Our Training Process

Our Cordyceps militaris training program is split into two parts - theory and practical. In the theoretical section.

In the theory, you'll get up to speed on all the fundamentals of cordyceps miltaris farming, from lab setup and autoclaving to proper harvesting methods.

Then in the practical section, you'll see these processes for yourself!


Technique and method you will learn through our training

Contact us for Training Purpose  : +91 799 030 2685