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Petoxfood ensure an efficient and quality-oriented Cordyceps Militaris mushroom crop, due to the controlled atmosphere in which it is cultivated. To give our end customers the best product possible, we only use vegetarian ingredients such as brown rice, glucose, vegetable proteins and vitamins, as part of our vegan process. Currently we lunched two products in the market

1) Cordyceps Militaris - Dried Fruiting Body  

2) Cordyceps Militaris Powder - Keedajadi 


Maintaining a sterile work space with proper hygiene and standard food industry procedures for each step of mushroom growing, from substrate preparation to packing, is essential to guarantee the high quality of each batch.

For more assurance that you are getting the best Cordyceps Militaris mushrooms available on the market today, we do comprehensive testing at our labs every time before dispatching them out.

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